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    Our Septic Tanks Euro-ST range

    Ireland Waste Water’s Euro-ST Septic Tank range is designed to give maximum treatment while reducing overall costs for the homeowner.

    Our tanks are both reliable and cost effective while still bringing you the high quality that we expect from all our products
    All our tanks are competitively priced and guaranteed Irish.

    As our tanks are designed and manufactured at our factory in Cork, we offer our customers individually designed sewage treatment systems to suit your needs.

    Our tanks are EU Certified high quality concrete tank offering you savings of €1000 over 5 years.

    Ireland Waste Water takes full responsibility for delivery and installation of all the EURO ST septic tanks range at no additional cost.

    Investment in one of our tanks is future proof (Our tanks are fully and easily upgradeable to a sewage treatment plant at a later stage and at an affordable cost).

    Our Euro-ST range has achieved the EN 12566-1 European standard that is now required for septic tanks that are to be installed in Ireland.
    Check out out cert  https://www.irelandwastewater.ie/our-certifications/

    We manufacture the largest certified septic tank in Europe. Suitable for use by up to 20 people.

    Larger sludge Storage Area Compared to our Competitors. (Only needs to be desludged every 5 – 7 years).

    We are proud to say that our EURO-ST range carries the CE Mark for Concrete Tanks.

    Save time & money compared to a Fibreglass or Plastic installation.

    Our Euro-ST Septic Tanks has the highest European certification and is completely compliant with EU Standards required for newly installed septic tanks in Ireland. See link for regulations of septic tanks http://www.epa.ie/water/wastewater/legislation/#.U5BCn6xOVkc

    Our in-house Engineers and staff are on hand to assist you with every query you may have.

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