• Holding Tanks

    Holding tanks

    Picture of holding tanks

    Our underground holding tanks/ storage tanks for water can cater for projects varying from as little as 5 cubic metres to in excess of 100 cubic metres.

    By using underground concrete tanks, the water is stored in dark and cool conditions.

    System Uses

    The water held in our Holding Tanks can be used for a number of purposes:

    • Sprinkling systems for irrigation.
    • Process water for industry.
    • Washing machines.

    Advantages of our Concrete holding Tanks

    • We use steel fibre reinforced pre-cast concrete holding tanks giving all the benefits of stability and long life that this material brings.
    • The tanks have a warranty of in excess of 30 years.
    • Our concrete will neither rust nor rot and can easily be kept clean.
    • Our concrete is made from natural materials and therefore is non toxic.
    • Damage is less likely to occur during installation process, in contrast to plastic tanks.
    • CE Mark for our conrete tanks.
    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Time and money saving compare to GRP in the installation.

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