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    Sewage Treatment Tank

    Sewage Treatment Tank

    The “Euro-Bio” sewage treatment system uses a type of activated sludge (suspended growth) process, known as an SBR (sequencing batch reactor) process.
    This is identical to the systems used in some large Local Authority treatment works, but on a smaller scale.

    How the sewage treatment system works:
    All of our sewage treatment systems are Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR) which is a treatment process widely used in many modern municipal treatment plants.

    The SBR process is a form of Activated sludge treatment and employs a five stage cycle, fill, react, settle, empty and rest.

    Effluent is taken from the first compartment, where incoming effluent is stored, and fills the reactor.
    All of our systems employ compressed air to transfer the effluent. Once the reactor is full to a pre-set level the next phase begins

    Aeration takes place in the biological reactor. Air is pumped periodically through fixed membrane plates which defuse the air evenly in the liquid. The rising bubbles create an activated sludge process in the chamber. This process is controlled from the control unit to match the design criteria for the particular system.

    Once the aeration cycle is completed the wastewater is allowed to rest for a period allowing sludge to settle out. Excess sludge is then returned from the base of the reactor to the first compartment using a pneumatically operated lifting device.

    The treated effluent is then discharged to the percolation area or for tertiary treatment.

    The process then enters a rest period.

    The overall cycle typically lasts 7 hours

    Because the SBR process treats the effluent in batches it is particularly suited to sites where there are wide variations in flow. The size of the pre-chamber can be designed; using additional buffer tanks if necessary, to cater for peak flows and spread the load to the reactor evenly over a period of time. If the flow to the treatment system drops as during holidays or shut downs, the system will react accordingly, treating effluent as it arises while periodically aerating the aerating to ensure the activated sludge remains effective.

    Design of Systems
    We will design each system bases on the particular loading applicable to the site. Each compartment will be designed to suit site conditions. Pre-chambers will be sized to cater for peak flows and required de-sludging frequency.

    Dosing systems and pump chambers can be incorporated as determined by the treatment standards and disposal method required.

    All of our sewage treatment systems are modular and can easily be expanded if the effluent load increases.

    All of our sewage treatment systems use precast reinforced concrete tanks which we deliver and install minimising civil works.

    We provide full maintenance contracts if required.

    • The SBR process employs a five-stage cycle: fill, react, settle, empty and rest occurring in a single reactor. The cycle period amounts to 7 hours which is preset by the manufacturer in the control system.
    • The wastewater control system differentiates between the following operational modes Energy conservation cycle (during holiday periods) and Normal cycle.
    • The “Euro-Bio” systems are capable of producing a high-quality effluent. They can be easily modified to remove nitrogen, phosphorus or coliform bacteria.

    Find out how the Euro-Bio system works.

    Advantages of the Euro-Bio System

    • Our system only requires desludging every 6 years compared to the annual desludging needed when using our competitors systems.
    • Our system has no internal parts, reducing the risk of blockages and breakdowns.
    • Our system operates by compressed air so no submersible pumps are involved.
    • The unit runs on normal or energy saving cycles meaning the system does not have to run 24 hrs a day.
    • Our control box can be fitted internally or externally and so is easily accessible.
    • All our tanks are precast reinforced concrete with a warranty in excess of 30 years.
    • We provide a full design, delivery, installation and commissioning service at no additional cost.
    • Our system is designed for a retention time of excess 48 hrs in case of electrical failure.
    • If required we can provide full maintenance contracts for this system.
    • Our Engineers are only a phone call away.
    • See our Youtube video of how our sewage treatment tank works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6ybKlywwpQ

    Model specification:

    Max Residents Total Daily Flow Av Daily Flow BOD load Tank Volume(G) Tank Volume(cu.mts) Tank Diameter (m) Tank Depth Motor Watts
    4 720 72 0.24 1250 5.63 2.32 1.63 64
    6 1080 108 0.36 1250 5.63 2.32 1.63 64
    8 1440 144 0.48 1580 7.11 2.32 2.05 84
    12 2160 216 0.72 2×1250 11.26 2.32 1.63 84
    16 2880 288 0.96 2×1580 14.22 2.32 2.05 200
    24 4320 432 1.44 2×1580+1×1250 19.85 2.32 1.63& 2.05 280
    30 5400 540 1.80 5300 23.85 4.6×2.6 ellipse 550
    40 7200 720 2.40 5×1580 35.55 2.32 2.05 2×200
    50 9000 990 3.00 4×1580+2×1250 42.66 2.32 1.63& 2.05 2×280

    * Based on E.P.A Recommendation of 180 Litres/Head/Day
    ** Based on Total Daily Flows being taken over 10 hour period
    *** Based on E.P.A Recommendation B.O.D loading of 60 grams/Head/Day

    Technical drawings

    Who can use our Euro-Bio systems

    Our Euro-Bio Treatment Systems can be designed for:

    • Individual Houses
    • Small Communities
    • Commercial Enterprises
    • Caravan Parks
    • Golf courses

    Warranty Details: Our tanks are precast reinforced concrete with a warranty in excess of 30 years.

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