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    About us:

    Ireland Waste Water is a privately owned Irish company founded in Cork by Mary & Niall Mulcahy over twelve years ago.

    We can design, manufacture and install  all of our precast concrete wastewater treatment systems, septic tanks, interceptors, grease traps, rain water harvesting systems. We also manufacture precast holding tanks for farm effluent, drinking water, etc.

    Along with installing and maintaining our different treatment plants. Ireland Waste Water was the 1st Irish Company to get the CE Mark & EN 12566-3 for their sewage treatment tank.

    Our products now come in a range of sizes and include:

      • Domestic & Commercial sewage treatment tanks
      • Domestic & Commercial Rainwater Harvesting systems
      • Septic tanks
      • Farm effluent tanks
      • Slatted farm tanks
      • Grease traps
      • Distribution boxes
      • Underground water holding tanks
      • Storage tanks
      • Garden sheds


    Our Farm Effluent tanks and Rainwater harvesting tanks are approved for farm development grant schemes by the Dept of Agriculture.

    Our Eurobio sewage treatment system is the only unit in Ireland offering a ‘Holiday mode’ which is ideal for schools. This unique feature allows the controller to continuously monitor the level in the system and will only start a cycle when it’s required so it will not be in use during Christmas breaks, Midterms & Summer holidays, etc. This allows the school to save money that could be utilised for other more important items in their annual budget.

    We have our own in-house Engineering and Service Team which undertake local projects, but as our business has grown and expanded, we have established a national framework of agents throughout the country. This enables Ireland Waste Water to provide our customers with an efficient after sales service anywhere in Ireland at competitive prices.

    We pride ourselves on offering our customers cost effective products without sacrificing quality, we also go out of our way to ensure our customers receive the best customer care we can offer them after a system is installed